The next five years to support the national 3~5 home internet printing platform, the traditional Indian enterprises have the opportunity?

Date:Apr 25,2017

Recently, the "13th Five-Year" period "printing industry development plan" officially released. As an important guide in China 5 years of development of the printing industry, printing industry "" 13th Five-Year "development plan" in addition to summarizes the main achievements of the 12th Five-Year "period, is also a clear development objectives and main tasks of the printing industry in the next 5 years.
With the development of the Internet plus printing, printing business has gradually become a hot topic in the industry. In the new release of the "print" 13th Five-Year "development plan" also clearly pointed out that the need to promote the development of the digital network, the key task of the next five years as the printing industry to improve the level of intelligence development. The text reads as follows:
With the new generation of information technology as the core, to speed up the transformation of traditional printing digital printing process and promote the production process automation. Promote MIS (Management Information System), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and other information management tools to enhance the level of enterprise management. With the push of printing and RFID tags, networking, publications in intelligent printing as a breakthrough, cultivate some "smart factory demonstration projects, accelerate the construction of smart printing factory. To promote the printing of publications to on-demand printing, printing, personalized multimedia fusion transformation, promote the transformation of the creative design of packaging and printing, personalized custom, environmental applications, support the integration of development of offset printing, screen printing, flexo printing and digital technology. Strengthen the integration of the Internet, cloud computing, big data to support the development of 3-5 furniture influential internet printing platform."
According to the Department of printing network exclusive statistics, after years of development, China's printing electronic business platform (including personalized image, business integration, packaging and other types) is close to 400, the number of steady growth over the past 4 years. In this process, there is a new rise in the rapid rise of the printing electronic business platform, but also optimistic about the industry was quickly eliminated. From the printing and printing network released the previous Chinese printing e-commerce brand list can also be seen, the current electricity supplier is still showing the trend of survival of the fittest. In this environment, the printing business platform and printing enterprises how to survive? Internet plus the second half, the traditional business transformation opportunities? How to upgrade traditional industries, the future development of the economy as a new engine?
May 20, 2017 ~22 days, by the 2017 China printing industry innovation section of the Internet to carry out the side of the printing network to create the "printing electricity supplier product innovation and upgrading class" is about to start. The training course of the integration of the printing business strategy elite class "and" printing explosive president camp "double resources, focus on the transformation of traditional enterprise Internet upgrade core pain points, help traditional enterprises open business model, build, iterative thinking, combing the printing business explosive goods operations let you plan, enterprises in the Internet" the second half is no longer behind + printing!

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