Concern: intelligent packaging industry into the golden period of development

Date:Apr 25,2017

At present, the Internet of things, cloud storage, cloud computing, big data analysis and other technologies have been widely used, smart packaging ushered in its own golden period of development. For goods traceability of transport packaging by the electronic label, reflect the information of goods logistics; the use of electronic information package reflects the commodity production and sales information...... these will become the contemporary production of a part of life.
The huge market of smart packaging and its potential opportunities, which indicates that this sunrise industry will become a new leap in China's economic development. Therefore, the research and implementation of intelligent packaging industrial printing, with forward-looking and innovative, practical guidance value and practical significance.
With the implementation of the national Internet of things planning, followed by the demand for various types of functional commodity packaging has become particularly urgent. Things smart packaging is on the basis of the Internet, will extend and expand to any goods packaging, the exchange of information and communication, which is the connection of objects, because the technology covers networking, intelligent, packaging and other industries and fields, so referred to as networking intelligent packaging. Internet of things intelligent packaging so that consumers in the purchase, you can learn more information about the product through the packaging of the product, so as to achieve the purpose of easy consumers to buy.
Internet plus package spawned new opportunities
In modern life, a variety of packaging has penetrated into all aspects of people's lives. At present, packaging manufacturing is the fusion of traditional printing technology, digital printing technology and mobile Internet, e-commerce and Internet technology, take the initiative to build smart packaging manufacturing system, promote the traditional packaging and printing function based from the commodity and commodity protection to beautify, packaging information and networking of modern digital identification transition and transition to fast service network consumers, the key technology of digital information technology and intelligent association customization and security technology.
Smart packaging this attractive huge cake, it has become the goal of many companies competing for the market space is expected to be one trillion. The huge market of smart packaging and its potential opportunities, which indicates that this sunrise industry will become a new leap in China's economic development.
"Internet plus" mode to promote the customization era, the packaging industry will also be redefined, new heights of traditional packaging enterprises is expected to seize the future market through Internet innovation. For the packaging industry, integration of cloud computing, big data, realize the development mode of "Internet plus packaging" of the network technology, will promote the transformation and upgrading of industries, bring new opportunities for traditional industries.
Application of intelligent packaging technology for Internet of things
Intelligent packaging manufacturing in promoting the development of digital printing industry, the whole process, green manufacturing and services and other mainstream technology, is accompanied by the "4 industry" and "Internet plus" getting better, the development of intelligent packaging technology can be summarized as follows:

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