In May 9th, Jingwei science and technology show no knife mold small batch production of the secret

Date:Apr 25,2017

2017 four days of China International Exhibition on the International Corrugated on the curtain in the sunset in April, 14. With the popularity of electricity supplier logistics packaging in the market, small batch, personalized custom carton production has become the new darling of the market under the o2o electricity supplier model. Can also be seen from the current corrugated show, on-demand production technology has become a new proposition of the carton industry to adapt to the development of the digital era of paper packaging. What kind of solution can be a perfect interpretation of this proposition?
A perfect solution for small batch orders artifact
In this exhibition, in view of the small amount of corrugated cardboard cutting problems, Jingwei science and technology has brought a new upgrade of CB03 II and CB08 series and other products, equipped with automatic plate feeding device, very convenient for small batch production. Among them, CB03 II, as the star product of Jingwei science and technology, was favored by the audience during the exhibition.
One stop full digital solution
Last year all India exhibition period, Jingwei technology and ESKO reached a strategic cooperation, the whole cutting solution optimization, at the same time from the "design printing, cutting" overall solution process, fully optimize the ability of large scale production, effectively reduce the mistake rate, save time and reduce the waste of material. Its automatic intelligent typesetting can directly transform the function of PDF to improve the production efficiency of enterprises and supply chain.

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