Doubts and Reflections on the practice of printing enterprises in green printing

Date:Apr 25,2017

Beijing, India and Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau recently printed on the printing enterprises in Beijing sewage charges letters. Beijing Printing Association letter reflects some views on the charge of the Beijing printing enterprise, is the main charging method is appropriate, the printing enterprise burden? The author believes that the specific problems actually charge is only related to economic interests of printing enterprises, to green printing should also put forward the questions and answers.
1, based on the current technological level of environmental protection, through the environmental management of printing enterprises, whether the government will be able to achieve the prescribed emission standards (objective possibility)? If not, what the government charges would be meaningless (not necessary); if you can reach, which is simply a problem of funding and burden (subjective probability).
2, the government charges the purpose is simply to green printing enterprises, the printing enterprise must set out requirements or area?
The essence of the first question is whether the greening of printing is feasible on the objective
The essence of the second question is whether the greening of the printing industry is in place or in different places?

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